Parrot A Bird of Paradise


Parrot is a very nice pet to us. It is very easy to tame. It looks very beautiful and attracts at the first sight. Parrots are present in different color all over the world but the most common color is green with red beaks which looks so cute and pretty. Parrots are also known as psittacines. The average life span of a parrot is 80 years. They could grow up to a size of 100 cm and 1.6 kg weight. The shape of a parrot resembles like a tea cup. There are totally 350 varieties of parrot present all over the world. Parrots are generally found in huge amount where the climate is very warm. The male parrot and female parrot are differentiated by means of neck ring. Male parrots have a neck ring whereas female parrots don’t have. Parrots are tamed in such a way that whatever the tamer speaks it will repeat it. Whenever we go near the parrot it will call us by the name that it has been taught. The voice of parrot will be like imitating our voice but it will be very cute to hear. Parrots generally eat seeds, fruits, vegetables and grains. It has a special character that it need not be tamed in a cage and it will not get away from us. It will be a very good friend to us and makes us happy by its speech and beauty. Are you interested to learn more about birds paradise at home? Visit this website for useful information.


Animals constitute a major portion of earth’s creature. Some animals are pleasant to look, some are fierce, and some are disgusting. Whatever the appearance may be, they are quintessential in wildlife contribution and maintaining an ecological balance. Based on their habit and habitat, it can be wild or domestic.

Wild Animals:

Most of the wild animals are carnivores (They eat flesh of other animals). Some common examples are lion, tiger, leopard, etc. Lion, being ferocious and majestic in appearance, is considered as king of the jungle. They depend on wild herbivores (They eat plants) for their food. Some common examples of herbivore are deer, rabbits, wild buffalos, etc. This cycle helps to maintain a great ecological balance. To explain in detail, the herbivores, if they present in more numbers, there will be deficiency of food grains for humans and hence the carnivores help in maintaining the population. If you are looking for a website that gives you complete information about your pet care, breed, and other accessories. Click here:

Beyond their wild nature, some wild animals can be tamed to reduce human efforts. Most commonly tamed wild animal is elephant. It helps in lifting heavy weights. Wild life has a renowned significance in ecology. Illegal poaching and hunting of wild animals for entertainment leads to the extinction of wild animals and causes ecological imbalance. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about bird care and food.