Will The Scrappage Scheme Result In More Automotive Jobs


The scrappage scheme that the UK government introduced earlier this year was designed to breathe new life into the motor industry, to create more motor industry jobs and to remove older, more polluting cars from UK roads. However, as the government only offers £1,000 for cars older than ten years as part of the scheme, when the motor industry wanted it to offer more and a similar scheme in Germany offers more, UK motorists haven’t greeted the scheme with as much enthusiasm as they otherwise perhaps might have. If you are interested in learning more automobiles, visit this dedicated website https://www.foxnewsco.com/ for useful information.

Despite the initial scepticism to the scheme however, it is still being used by many UK motorists who wish to trade in their old cars for new ones and receive a substantial discount on the retail value, as the manufacturer is encouraged to match the government’s £1,000 for the old car.Click here https://newsxoomer.com/ for detailed articles regarding auto repairing and maintenance.

The current market situation, with car industry jobs being lost in many plants throughout the country, is likely to turn around once the take-up of the scrappage scheme becomes more common and the recession begins to ease. Automotive jobs will start to pick up again because people will always need cars.

One advantage for those looking for engineering jobs is because more people are holding onto their existing cars at the moment, rather than buying new ones, garages are finding more work needs to be done on people’s current vehicles. You can also visit this website https://looknews.org/ for useful information about automobiles. Do not forget to check that out!