Top 5 Tips To Reduce the Bounce Rate Of Your Blog


What is the bounce rate of your blog?

Before going into the effective steps which must be taken to lower the bounce rate, it is better to understand what it is! This website will help you to get detailed information. The bounce rate of any website or blog is the approximate percentage that determines how many people visited your blog page and left it off at the same time. It simply indicates that your blog is not so attractive and informative that it could stop online visitors. At the same time, if people have stooped on the blog page for some time duration then the bounce rate would have reduced by a major proportion. A slight difference of 1 or 2 percent in the bounce rate can greatly affect the blog’s position and brand image in Google Analytics.

Ways of measuring bounce rate for your blog or website

No doubt, bounce rate depicts and signifies the sole causes of the failure and success of your online business. In other words, it is an effective method to measure the quality and reputation of your blog on the internet. We usually measure the bounce rate of a blog by following two methods –

1: Bounce rate will be the time duration for which visitors stayed on your blog or website. So if the visitor took its interest for less than 6 percent, it will certainly consider as a major portion of the bounce rate.

2: On the other hand, bounce rate also refers to the number of online visitors who visited your blog and left the same, without clicking on any of the links provided on the page.

Effective tips to lower the bounce rate of your blog

1: Your content should be quite attractive, efficient, and informative. The users will like the blog or website if the quality of content and its presentation is better for them. Well, if your content is vague, insufficient, and boasts of nothing; visitors will certainly bounce back to the blog page. It becomes of utmost importance to improve the landing page by posting some superb and quality content. Check out this website  to get effective tips to lower the bounce rate of your blog.

2: It will be considered genuine if your blog has an effective and elegant design for the visitors. Gone are the days when presentation became superb with traditional designs; nowadays, people are getting more interested in awesome designs and patterns. You should make use of the themes and templates at their best.

3: Inbound links also play an important role in lowering the bounce rate. You should take note of the fact that all the pages are interlinked with each other. There should be proper and meaningful anchor SEO text to diverge visitors to other blog pages.

4: Website navigation should be superb and easy for visitors. The blog should present the visitors with the materials that have come for your log.

5: Your blog should provide people with something valuable which may compel them to get stuck with your website. It will automatically reduce the bounce rate and will also help in improving the web traffic and conversion rate.

The percentage of first-time visitors that immediately leave a website is known as the bounce rate. It is the most accurate indicator of a blog’s overall quality and popularity on the internet. It ought to be quite low for blogs that are ranking highly, and you ought to always be taking steps and making efforts to reduce the bounce rate. If you want to learn more, check out this site: