Best Apps for Business

Best Apps for Business

Ever been on a train or in a café and not noticed someone furiously typing a business report or reading a file on their laptop? With the development of technology over the past 10 years, we have seen more and more businessmen working around the clock, whether it’s responding to emails, reading reports, or arranging meetings.

So why not embrace the influx of new technology, whether it’s in the form of mobile phones, iPads or tablets, and discover the best apps which could transform the way that you do business? Learn the top-rated apps for business information on

Docs to go

First and foremost, it’s safe to say that business simply wouldn’t look the same if we hadn’t discovered the wonders of Microsoft Office. And now, with technology meaning we’re working on the go, Microsoft Office has adapted to our technology-focused lifestyles.

Docs to go is a free app available on both iPhone and Android devices, and allows you to access all Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world.

No need to lug your laptop around when you’re travelling for a business trip, you can easily stay in touch with all office activity just by glancing at your mobile.

What’s more, Docs to go allows you to create and edit documents, meaning that you can work just as efficiently on the road as you could do in the office.


Most of you will already be familiar with Evernote, the free app which allows you to record all of your notes, pictures, to do lists and more, all in one handy app.

However, researchers at Evernote have discovered that 2/3 of its users already use Evernote at work, which has led to the development of Evernote Business.

Evernote business works much the same as the original Evernote app, and lets you capture anything you want, including meeting notes, business cards, photos and documents. However, alongside storing personal notebooks, with your favourite pictures, notes and shopping lists, Evernote Business gives you the option of creating business notebooks.

Business notebooks are the same as personal notebooks, though the significance of them being different to personal notebooks is that you can separate your personal life from your work life. You can store much the same documents, images and files in your business notebooks, but it is far easier to share these files with co-workers in one easy click.

What’s more, Evernote Business allows you to create business libraries, which is essentially a collection of business notebooks which can be accessed by any colleague that you feel should need it, making office communications that bit easier.

The only downside of the app is that while the basic Evernote app is free to download, the price of Evernote Business is £8 per user per month. Perhaps a small price to pay for better business?

Cam card

Have you ever been to a busy conference and packed your pockets full of business cards that you then go on to lose or accidentally put through the washing machine?

CamCard is a free app which could come to your rescue at moments like this. CamCard is a business card reader which allows you to scan a business card, saving the contact information in either your tailored electronic Card Holder or in your phone’s address book.

Rather than taking away a physical record of any contact names and numbers, this app helps organise all of your prospective business clients in one place. Easy!

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If any of you are familiar with long business trips, conferences or lunch meetings, you will also understand the hassle of recording and filing all receipts and calculations in order to claim your expenses.

With Expensify, a free app available on Android phones as well as the iPhone, you can simply add your expenses as you go, just by using your smartphone or tablet.

Not only does the app allow you to manually add any expenses that you want to claim, but it also captures an image of receipts, automatically filling out an expense form for you!

Moreover, if you’re driving to a particular destination in the name of work, Expensify can track your mileage, working out how much you should claim back, just using your phone’s in-built GPS tracker.

You’ll never have to collect receipts or sit hunched over a calculator again. To find the Best Business Apps for Streamlined and Effective check out the website success with taylor